03 January 2010

are we sure?

winter holiday is gonna end. one more week. ah. bosannya. back to the life that i have to mingle with the mat2 saleh, yg makan tak reti nak bersihkan. party bagai. erhhh... feeling like cant wait to live in a house 2nd year nanti. sudah. thats it. u made the decision.

i was with my friend at our heavenly prayer hall in University of Warwick. a young man, not so young. berjanggut bagai. panjang pulak lagi. he came to us and gave salam. he started to ask us. name, course, and some other stuff. ok la. takkan nak berdiam pulak. we replied. tanya balik apa2. he graduated from Bangladesh. thats all that i can remember about him. tu pun tak sure sgt. hehe.

 he was actually waiting for his friend, but still got time for some short sharing.

you are sitting for a test. here are some formats about the test.

1. its a MCQ test, consisting of 50 questions.
2. u can answer as many as u want, but within the time alloted (say, 1 hour).
3. but the full mark is 30/30.
4. one question carries one mark.
5. mark will not be deducted if u answer wrongly

what will u do?

"wow, how generous. even if i dont know some questions, i will still be able to score as high as i want"

1. u definitely are not gonna spend 2 minutes on one question only.
2. u certainly are not gonna answer only 30 questions.


1. for some questions, u may take only 10 seconds or less to answer. so u will have time for harder questions.
2. u must have some questions that u are not sure about it. then u choose to answer more than 30 questions, so u will still get the chance to score full mark.

oh. how precious every question is!

now lets think of something.

"alaa... mula la nak cakap pasal agama la nii...."

Allah has made it compulsory for us to pray 5 times a day. the sunah one? alahh. i will do it when im free. its sunah anyway.

together with the five compulsory prayers, there are also some sunah prayers, called rawatib prayers (solat sunat rawatib) which escort the compulsory ones. qabliah (before the prayers) and ba'diah (after the prayers).

we have

2 rakaah before the Subuh,
2 rakaah before and after Zuhr,
2 rakaah before Asr,
2 rakaah before and after Maghrib, and
2 rakaah before and after Isya'.

do we do all of them?

why dont we?

are we good enough that we can be SO sure that if we answer only 30 out of 50 questions, we will get all 30 of them correct?

mustn't we answer more than 30 questions?

are we good enough that we can be SO sure that all  the compulsory ones, that we perform everyday, are accepted by Allah?

mustn't we perform the rawatibs as well?

come to think of that, how precious every solah is, even if its sunah!



first post on the 2nd day of 2010 using my new netbook. asus 1005ha. yeah i dont know why but i love its size, portability. mobility. maybe it looks cool. cool ke? well. im quite satisfied with this netbook despite the fact that baru guna pun macam dah ada bongok2 sikit.

i love to listen to musics. ah. everyone does. nasyid at least. heh. ok. playing music shouldnt be a problem for a netbook, even people said that netbook is only for basic functions mcm nak buat kerja, menaip2 bagai. come on la. lagu je kot.

the problem comes when i want to increase/decrease the volume. Fn + F11/12. suddenly the screen goes blank like it is turned to sleep mode. what the heck? i dont turn it to sleep mode? sleep mode is Fn + F1. tak pasal kena wake balik. sigh.

2nd problem is when surfing. sometimes it can be quite slow. yeah i know that the RAM is 1GB only. but the processor speed is 1.6GHz. nak lagi? ok la. HDD dia 250GB. apa nak tau lagi? ala, nak surfing pon slow ke. lagging sana, lagging sini. the scrolling mechanism also doesnt work very well sometimes. if u say, well, its a netbook. what do u expect? dah tu, nak expect apa lagi.

ive just been using this for 4 days, these problems are occuring already. fine. please no more flaws, dissatisfaction whatsoever anymore. even after setting up everything, windows 7 starter, Microsoft Office 2007 Trial Version, and some BIOS updates whatsoever, there were only countable number of softwares that i installed. YM, Skype, Nokia PC suite, emm and yes, Google Chrome, (i removed IE instead), Youtube Downloader (pun rasa mcm bukan pakai sgt) and... emm. tu je kot. haha.

ah. i notice that the part at left hand side of the touch pad, where i put my left hand, is getting hotter. ok la. its intel atom. ok. maafkan la.

ok. tak nak kutuk dah. this is my second time purchasing laptop/netbook. mahal weyh. mana aku ada duit banyak mcm budak2 lain. but im very grateful that i found that mcm dah hilang minat kat photography. kalau dulu, fuh. pantang nampak kamera. mulalah nak tau bagai. otherwise, i would have bought a DSLR sebijik. its at least £350, and left with no money to buy a new netbook when my old laptop stopped working.

nak puji pulak? yeah, i love the portability. maybe i will bring my ASUS (sounds nice huh? maybe i can name it myASUS. or does it sound lame?) to every lecture that i attend later on. its like i can just put it on my left hand, and use touch pad and the keyboard using right hand. heheh. sambil baring pun boleh. hahaha. another thing is, which is not very significant to some people is, it has £ symbol. hahaha. ok. saya kesah. saya tak kesah anda kesah ke tak dgn kewujudan simbol ni.

when there are not too many softwares whatsoever installed in this netbook, it can run faster. this is another thing that i like. to load to windows doesnt take too long. my brother got one of this type, its Acer Aspire One. what he did was he formatted his 7 inches netbook, and installed only stuff that he wanted to have. ok la. im not as good as him, so i skipped the first step.

nun beribu2 kilometer di sana (13000+ if i remember it correctly), in Ipoh, my little brother was just born. 01/01/10 at 8.06 am (abah's watch showed 8.04 am however). kalau awal sikit, dah awal setahun umur. the 2nd youngest one was on 05/05/05 last time. he is 5 years old in 2010.

winter holiday is coming to its end. one more week. and i still have one essay to be submitted before the beginning of new term. ah.

hee. bosan gila post ni.